About Man About Town

I’m Michael Hickey, your Man About Town, and this is my blog.  In these pages you’ll find my ruminations on education, community development, social impact investment, creative placemaking, tech for social good, and a host of other issues.

My ideas come from my conversations with you – my colleagues and friends in the nonprofit, philanthropic, private, public and academic sectors.  Thanks for your continued inspiration, unending charm, and willingness to shoot the bull with me.  I’m better because of who you are.

Feel free to message me on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

1 thought on “About Man About Town

  1. Hi Mike! I liked your piece on the 3 p’s. Nice Star Wars reference. But the piece reminded me in such a nice way of how the STH conferences make me feel, and you are accurate in saying that staff feel more seen and more valued and that makes such a huge difference because we spend all year alone in our settings, usually the sole person advocating for STH needs. It can often feel like we are swimming upstream against the strong currents of the status quo in a very old, large, and faceless entity called DOE. Thanks for showcasing us in this piece and for all that you do and continue to do for STH and the dedicated staff who serve them. – Amy Fix


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