Civil Service: The Explainer

Dear reader, this post is meant for people seeking jobs in NYC government, and for new hiring managers who want to better understand the complicated world of civil service. It’s also a good primer for anyone interested in how an important part of your government, namely its workforce, is selected and hired.

New York City employs over 300,000 personnel in roles that range from sanitation worker and school crossing guard, to software engineer and actuarial accountant.  Overall, the pay is decent and in many roles you can still qualify for a pension plan (a benefit that is not to be underestimated).  But, there’s a hitch.  Some 80% of the jobs in New York City require that you take and pass a civil service exam.  If you dare to learn more, read on.

We’ve all taken exams, after all.  Like math and English lit and stuff. 

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